portrait commissioning info

SizePriceAdd-a-pet (same panel)S&H
8 x 8 in$125unavailable$12
10 x 10 in$150unavailable$14
12 x 12 in$175$75$14
11 x 14 in$200$120$16

Tips for taking great photos of your animals

  • natural light

    • Natural light in the morning or early evening is usually the best light.
    • Make sure there are no hard shadows/harsh bright lights on your animal's face.
  • eye-level

    • Kneel down to be eye level or just above the animal's gaze.
    • Make sure you're no farther than 2-3 feet away so the lens frames their face and captures all of their awesome details.
  • Bribes + extra help

    • Have your animal's favorite treats handy
    • Have a friend hold the treats just above the camera to get them to look towards the lens.


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